Rent an e-sloop

Comfortably by e-Sloop through Giethoorn and Weerribben-Wieden National Park

You can rent beautiful e-sloops and e-Consoleboats at Bed & Boot Mol Groenewegen. Hourly and daily. You will receive a good explanation about the simple operation and a clear map. The route is indicated with colored arrows and beacons. The sloops with round steering wheel are fitted with custom pillows and plaids. Free children’s life jackets on request. On the route, in addition to a lot of nature, there are also terraces on the water. And picnic plankers, a picnic island and for example a watchtower.


In the middle of Giethoorn

Stable and comfortable sloop

Custom pillows and plaids

Free children's life jackets

PRICES e-SLOOP Giethoorn


1 h. €32,-
2 h. €59,-
3 h. €79,-
4 h. €99,-
p. day €129,-



1 h. €35,-
2 h. €69,-
3 h. €99,-
4 h. €129,-
p. day €149,-


BED & BOOT MOL Groenewegen

Binnenpad 28 NL-8355 BR GIETHOORN

Boat rental opening hours

9.30am - 5.30pm