Canoe treks

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Multi-day Wieden & Weerribben tours by Canadian canoe or kayak

Do you feel the urge to get away from stress at home or at work? Go canoeing in Giethoorn National Park Weerribben-Wieden in the area ‘Kop van Overijssel’, on the most beautiful canoe trips in the Netherlands! Feel connected to nature on the water. Spend the night in a cabin or your own tent along the route.

Itineraries and maps provided

Ton and waterproof bags

Lodging along the route

Canoe adventure Kop van Overijssel

3-, 4-, 5-, or 7-day Wieden & Weerribben Tours® by kayak or Canadian canoe with lodging in own 2-pers. tent or 4-pers. cabin on the route.

A. Canoe weekend Weerribben

3 days through Wieden and mainly Weerribben

B. Canoe weekend Wieden

3 days through the Wieden

C. Weerribben-Wieden canoe route

4-day canoe trekking, different every day!

D. 4 Lakes Trip

4 days over the shallow lakes of the Wieden. Bathing water!

E. Canoe Adventure Kop van Overijssel

5- or 7-day National Park canoe holiday

You spend the night at campsites in your own hiker’s tent (1-2 pers.) or hiker’s cabins (1-4 pers.); self-sufficient.

A. 3 days/2 nights

B. 3 days/2 nights

C. 4 days/3 nights

D. 4 days/3 nights

E. 5 days/4 nights and 7 days/6 nights

Canadian canoe (2-3 pers.) or kayak (1-2 pers.) rental along with instructions, itinerary, maps; watertight tons and bags, splash cover, life jackets; campground fees or cabin rent include use of campground facilities.


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Explore Giethoorn and the Weerribben-Wieden National Park with a kayak or Canadian canoe.

A. Canoe weekend Weerribben

3d./2n. from €65,- p.p. DISCOVER

B. Canoe Weekend Wieden

3d./2n. from €65,- p.p. DISCOVER

C. Weerribben-Wieden canoe route

4d./3n. from €95,- p.p. DISCOVER

D. 4 Lakes Trip

4d./3n. from €95,- p.p. DISCOVER

E. Canoe Adventure Kop van Overijssel

5d./4n. from €119,- p.p. or 7d./6n. from €159,50 p.p. DISCOVER


BED & BOOT MOL Groenewegen

Binnenpad 28 NL-8355 BR GIETHOORN

Boat rental opening hours

9.30am - 5.30pm